About Me

Welcome to your new home for artisanal yarn and custom blended fiber for hand spinning, as well as tools for spinning all with a healthy dose of inspiration to help you create your own masterpiece.

Making yarn is both art and craft. The technical aspects of spinning involve understanding the fiber, twist, and spinning style to maximize the wool's natural qualities. But then there is the artistic aspect - color, texture, and dimension all used to create a one of kind hank of yarn - beautiful in and of itself, but it is also waiting to become something new in the hands of a knitter, crocheter or weaver.

I am a hand spinner. If I could only do one craft it would be spinning on a drop spindle; it is exceptionally soothing and rewarding both in practice as well as in the end product. I am more of an intuitive spinner rather than a technical spinner, but I do geek out over the perfect draft, twist, and ply. 

It is my hope that wherever you are on your spinning journey that you will find both the inspiration and the tools to explore your creativity.